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Psychologist Mark Benn on the holidays Dec. 8

December 7, 2010

Mark Benn, Psy.D., will speak on Wednesday, Dec. 8, at Colorado State, offering some insights into how to bring magic back into the holidays. Acknowledging that many of us feel depression during this season, Benn offers some humorous anecdotes and a perspective that may help us cope just a little bit better.

Mark Benn, Psy.D., adjunct professor, Psychology Department, Colorado State University.

Wednesday, Dec. 8, 6:15 p.m.
Clark Building, Room A 03

Hysterical stories

Mark Benn, Psy.D., has spoken on "Holiday Magic" at Colorado State for the past several years, describing ways he sees to get some magic back into the holidays.

He shares stories and anecdotes that are often described as hysterical as he re-counts his personal stories around this time of year. 

Bringing back the magic 

Benn shares his gift of improvisation and humor in this light-hearted talk.  He describes how many of us lose the magic of the holidays by stressing out over -- among other things -- buying gifts for others. 

On our way to the mall, for example, we're likely to drive like NASCAR drivers rather than being considerate and letting someone switch lanes in heavy traffic!

We therefore miss out on how rewarding the experience is, knowing that we brought joy to another person through our thoughtfulness. We might become rude, grouchy, and even dangerous when competing with other people for parking spots or in the aisles of stores.

Benn will help us remember how we felt as children, when we had untainted spirits and felt the magic of holiday celebrations. 

An uncensored look at the holidays

Benn has several clips posted on YouTube titled, "The Jew who loves Christmas." He takes a non-sectarian approach to the holiday and encourages people to come by for an uncensored look at the madness of the holiday season.  

Benn's take on holidays may surprise you

Mark Benn is a psychologist/adjunct professor at CSU where he won the Teacher of the Year award in 2007 and is nominated practically every year. He has written Stories From the Couch: and Other Telling Tales - which is the best selling non-text book at the LSC bookstore.

Come out and be prepared to laugh and reflect on the joys of the holiday in a way that may surprise you. 

Event sponsorship

Sponsored by Psi Chi, the Department of Psychology Honor Society.

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Phone: (970) 214-3150