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PBS Documentary: 'Hawaii's Last Queen' Nov. 18

November 16, 2009

On Jan. 16, 1893, the Queen of Hawaii looked down from her balcony as U.S. troops took up their positions around her royal palace. The following day, she surrendered at gunpoint, yielding her throne to the government of the United States.

Hawaii's last ruler and queen, Queen Lili'uokalani.

Wednesday, Nov. 18, noon
Lory Student Center
Room 212

The Native American Cultural Center, in partnership with the Asian Pacific American Cultural Center, will screen the documentary Hawaii’s Last Queen-The Embattled Reign of Queen Lili’Uokalani.

Film summary

The film chronicles Queen Lili’Uokalani's rule starting in 1891. She worked to frame a constitution to restore power to Native Hawaiians -- however, the United States government revoked Hawaii’s favored position in the sugar market causing an economic collapse.

Two years later, the United States government would remove Lili'Uokalani from her throne and strip Native Hawaiians of their land.

American interests advocate overthrow

On Jan. 14, 1893, a group composed of Americans and Europeans formed a Committee of Safety seeking to overthrow the Hawaiian Kingdom, depose the Queen, and seek annexation to the United States.

On the afternoon of Jan. 16, 162 sailors and Marines aboard the USS Boston in Honolulu Harbor came ashore under orders of neutrality. The following day, Queen Lili'Uokalani surrendered at gunpoint, yielding her throne to the government of the United States --which effectively stripped Native Hawaiians of their land.

Historian William Russ has noted that the presence of these troops, ostensibly to enforce neutrality and prevent violence, effectively made it impossible for the monarchy to protect itself. 

Event sponsorship

Sponsored by the Asian Pacific American Cultural Center and the Native American Cultural Center. 

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