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Test your knowledge of the 50 states

June 17, 2009

Take this short quiz to keep your mind sharp this summer and test your knowledge about 14 of the 50 United States. Sorry, no gold star or A+ letter grade, only the pure satisfaction of knowing you really are pretty smart.


Maryland B. Kansas C. Minnesota D. Washington E. Iowa F. Missouri G. South Dakota
H. Arkansas I. Georgia J. New Hampshire K. Louisiana L. Oklahoma M. North Carolina
N. Wisconsin

  This state produces more milk than any other state. Its city of Sheboygan bills itself as the Bratwurst Capital of the world.

2.  It is home to the National Cowboy Hall of Fame. It was the setting for the movie, "Twister."

3.  It is the nation's largest producer of furniture, textiles, brick, tobacco, and sweet potatoes. It is home to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.

4.  Campers and motor homes are manufactured in Winnebago County. It is the only state whose east and west borders are totally formed by water (the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers).

5.  Its Custer State Park is home to 1,500 bison. It is famous for its Black Hills.

6.  Smith County is the geographical center for the 48 contiguous states. In 1997, this state produced a record 492.2 million bushels of wheat.

7.  It is the country's number one producer of peanuts, pecans, and peaches. This state hosts the annual Masters Golf Tournament.

8.  This state's motto, "Live Free or Die," quotes Revolutionary War hero John Stark. The weather station on its Mt. Washington has recorded some of the strongest winds in the continental United States.

9.  Starbucks was founded in this state. It produces more apples than any other.

10. This state does not have counties; it has parishes. It is home to a large population of Cajuns, descendants of French Canadian settlers.

11. It is a national leader in the harvest of blue crabs and softshell crabs. The U.S. Naval Academy is in its state capital.

12. Site of Kansas City. Like Tennessee, it is bordered by eight states.

13. This state has one recreational boat for every six people. It is home to the 9.5 million square foot Mall of America.

14. The Ozark National Forest covers more than 1 million acres. Its name comes from "acansa," Sioux for "downstream place."


1N; 2L; 3M; 4E; 5G; 6B; 7I; 8J; 9D; 10K; 11A; 12F; 13C; 14H