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Parking impacts to campus due to High Park Fire needs

June 13,2012

Colorado State University is doing all it can to help the victims of the High Park Fire, including hosting the Disaster Recovery Center.

Johnson Hall Update, July 3

Larimer County announced today that the Disaster Recovery Center will complete their services this week and will close at the end of the day Friday, July 6th. The center, which is run by the county, also will be closed on July 4th for the holidays. The center also will reduce operating hour on Thursday and Friday to 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

After the closure of the center, parking in metered lot #349 and along East Drive will return to normal, requiring payment or proper permits on Monday, July 9.

The center will be housed in Johnson Hall and is expected to be open for at least three weeks. To accommodate fire victims, there will be changes to parking for employees and other guests.

Parking reserved for fire victims

Beginning Thursday, June 14, there will be no parking on East Drive from University Avenue to the Oval and in the meter lot behind the Administration building. Mobile insurance vehicles will be parked on East Drive to help fire victims file claims.

This closure will include:

  • all “A” spaces on East Drive
  • all disability spaces (Parking Services will accommodate anyone who needs an ADA space) on East Drive
  • all loading zone spaces on East Drive
  • all state and service spaces on East Drive
  • all spaces in lot # 349, the meter lot directly behind the Administration building, which will be reserved for fire victims only who are visiting the Disaster Recovery Center

Experts who providing services to fire victims in the Disaster Recovery Center will receive temporary permits to park in lots near Johnson Hall.

In addition, a portion of the Moby parking lot has been reserved for fire engines and fire official vehicles while fire fighters who are fighting the High Park fire are resting in university residence halls.

Alternatives parking for visitors and employees

Employees and visitors who normally park in lot #349 can park in the meter area of lot #440 or in the “Z” area of lot #440. Lot #440 is on the southeast  corner of Mason Street and University Avenue. Additional parking is available in any of the “Z” lots on campus.

For more information about the Disaster Recovery Center, visit or

Contact: Dell Rae Moellenberg
Phone: (970) 491-6009