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Rams and the Rockies: A great combination

August 1, 2011
by Meagan Templeton-Lynch ('12)

Alumni bring CSU pride to the Colorado Rockies Baseball Club.

Take me out to the Rockies game

As one of the United States’ oldest traditions, baseball brings fans of all ages together every year during baseball season. It takes more than a talented team to invoke pride and community involvement, though, which is where people like Dallas Davis (’01), Jim Kellogg (alumnus and CSU parent), and Reed Saunders ('03) come in. The CSU alumni work for the Colorado Rockies Baseball Club, helping create connections between the fans and the team.

Dallas Davis ('01)

Dallas Davis has never left the world of sports – and he loves it. “I like the environment,” he says of working with the Rockies Baseball club. “Still being around athletics has a certain excitement.” Davis, who now works as manager of the community affairs department, has been on both the business and talent side of sports, having played football while at CSU and doing a brief stint as a free agent for the Pittsburg Steelers. He also worked several other sports-related jobs before joining the Rockies six years ago. Davis says he has grown to love baseball more than ever. “It’s become one of my favorite sports,” he says. “I have a big appreciation for the game and the talent.”

Davis says he enjoys the variety of his job – that no two days are ever the same. He and his department work to create and line up community programs on behalf of the baseball club, working with nonprofit partners and implementing programs such as a school visitation program, which reaches close to 15,000 students every year.

Davis’ time at CSU has also had a large impact on him. He studied animal science and zoology, but his favorite memories revolve around football and the support of the CSU community. He says he enjoys running into fellow alumni and former teammates. He says he's blessed to work in a job that brings people together and gives him the opportunity to meet so many people.

Davis hopes to stay with the Rockies for a while. “My plan is to continue to grow in a leadership role,” he says. “I aim to serve and empower the people I come into contact with, leave things better than they were, and have a positive influence on this organization.”

Jim Kellogg (alumnus and CSU parent)

Jim Kellogg is vice president of community and retail operations for the Rockies. He spent four years at CSU studying occupational therapy and business, and received his degree in business administration with a minor in economics from Regis University in 1987. He has fond memories from his time at CSU. “My favorite thing about CSU and Fort Collins was the people,” Kellogg says. “They were always so friendly and welcoming. The culture at CSU breeds family and togetherness.”

Kellogg, with his experience in retail, landed a job with the Rockies in 1994 to help them improve their new retail and merchandise sector. His department is responsible for fundraising for charity (such as the Boys and Girls Club and children's hospital) and giving grants on behalf of the baseball club. They also run six Dugout Stores (Rockies merchandise retailers) across Colorado.

Kellogg is proud to work for the Rockies, he says, and always looks at the bigger picture. “Our organization’s goal is to bring a World Series Championship to the Rocky Mountain region and to create memories for our fans,” he says. “We try to build a sense of community through our team's play on the field and our organizational involvement in the community.”

Like Davis, Kellogg has grown into a bigger baseball fan than he could have imagined after beginning work for the Rockies. “We watch more baseball than we thought we would ever watch,” he says. He and his wife, Cheli, a UNC alumna, have a son, Danny, in his final year in the business school at CSU and a daughter, Amanda, who just started as a CSU freshman, also pursuing business. They are proud to have their children attend CSU, which is a great institution and good place to be, he says.

Reed Saunders ('03)

Reed Saunders studied jouralism and technical communications, and has announced for the Colorado Eagles hockey team and the CSU women's volleyball team. While at CSU, Saunders wrote for the Rocky Mountain Collegian and interned at the Sports Information Office.

Rams at the Rockies

Join us on Aug. 20 for a fun afternoon of baseball and Ram Pride!

  • Pre-game party at Whiskey Bar
  • Sethe Tucker ('97) will sing the national anthem
  • CAM the Ram will be available for photos
  • President Tony Frank will throw out the first pitch
  • Free T-shirt for all CSU attendees!

Purchase tickets to the Rams at the Rockies today.


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