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Rangeland Ecology Club digs for cattails

October 26, 2010

Students from the Warner College Rangeland Ecology Club recently spent a weekend removing cattails from a canal near Silverthorne, Colo.

Getting 'catty'

Students from the Rangeland Ecology Club raised nearly $3,000 in one weekend by removing cattails from a canal near Henderson Mill.

Students from the Warner College Rangeland Ecology Club recently spent a weekend learning the fine art of removing cattails (by hand and shovel) from a canal near the Henderson Mill, located a few miles north of Silverthorne, Colo.

The canal collects melted snow from tributaries in some of the mountains of the Arapaho National Forest and channels the water around the mill to the Williams Fork River on the eastern side of the Continental Divide.

Hands on experience

The purpose of the students spending their free time getting muddy, cold and sore was fourfold:

  • helping the mill to keep the fresh water from spilling into their large catch basin which recycles mill water from molybdenum processing;
  • educating themselves on issues surrounding how mining affects the environment;
  • giving them a great reason to get out of town and experience other parts of Colorado; and,
  • fundraising for the Club and earning around $3,000 in just one weekend.

Fun while helping the environment

Overall, everyone had a great time, and we even got to spend an evening dining at one of Breckenridge's great local restaurants.

One thing that can be said for students of the Rangeland Ecology Club - they sure don't mind getting their hands (and just about everything else) dirty in the pursuit of a healthier environment.

For more info on the Club, please contact Kristin Oles.

Contact: Mike Brumbaugh
Phone: (970) 903-0617