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Pre-Vet Club General Meeting

February 6, 2012

Equine arthroscopy

Join the Pre-Vet Club for their next general meeting, Wednesday, Feb. 8, in Yates 104 at 6 p.m. where they will learn about equine arthroscopy.

Dr. Dean Hendrickson, Director of the CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital and Colorado State School of Veterinary Medicine Alumni, will be discussing his field of interest.

Joint diseases and lesions

Arthroscopic surgery involves making small incisions allowing an endoscope attached to a camera to be carefully inserted into a joint and the other incision for surgical instruments to be used. This procedure is useful in diagnosing joint diseases and repairing lesions without causing significant trauma to the surrounding tissue.

Additional information

As a reminder, the Shadow Program application and merchandise forms are due after the meeting. For more information about the Shadow Program or the upcoming meeting, contact Chloe Goodwin.

Contact: Ann Bowen
Phone: (970) 491-7095