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Ask Cam

Perplexed about parking parameters - UPDATE

April 5, 2011

The CSU vehicle saga continues with a renewed query from an Ask Cam reader.

Updated question:

Cam, The CSU vehicles parked in the Engineering lot last week that were noticed by a reader were all new vehicles. Inquiring minds would like to know why so many and what are they for?

Cam's answer:

I checked in with Gene Stroh, CSU's transportation manager, and he says the University has a fleet of more than 800 vehicles assigned to many different programs at CSU. 

"Without knowing the vehicle license number," Gene says, "I wouldn’t know which program the vehicle(s) are assigned or what the vehicles are used for. 

"Looking at the vehicles assigned to different engineering programs, I don’t see very many newer vehicles.  So I doubt if the vehicles being asked about belong to engineering.  If I had a little more information about the vehicles, I would be happy to get the Ask Cam reader the information."

Or maybe the vehicles were washed and just look new?  

Cam the Ram


April 4, 2011

Hi Cam, What can you tell me about the eight CSU vehicles that are parked in the Engineering lot this morning?

Cam’s answer:

I asked Dave Bradford, director of Parking Services, what’s up with the vehicles, and he said CSU vehicles can park in university parking lots.

“When we see university vehicles in a lot,” Dave tells me, “we track them for a few days to see if they are moving, and if not, we contact the departments who are responsible for those vehicles and ask them to move their vehicles so other staff or students can use the lots.”

Hope this helps.

Cam the Ram