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What we now know about bark beetles Oct. 26

October 21, 2009

Anthony Cognato, the leading systematist from Michigan State University, is the guest of CSU's Colloquim in the Life Sciences, an interdisciplinary seminar series in life sciences. Cognato will discuss what we now know about the bark beetle, its biology and evolution.

The bark beetle, or scolytinea, as entomologists call it.

Monday, Oct. 26, 4 p.m.
Natural Resources Bldg.
Room 109

Anthony Cognato, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of insect systematics at Michigan State University and the Director of the A.J. Cook Arthropod Research Collection. He and his students study biodiversity.

His research uses morphological and molecular characters to reveal the diversity and the historical relationships of insects.
This research focuses on bark beetles and these results provide for a better understanding of the distribution, biology, and evolution of local, national, and international forest pests.

Cognato is going to discuss the most recent advances in bark beetle systematics. The talk should be a most riveting and unique experience. Come and join us - it's free and open to the public.

Meet and greet lunch  

There will be a "meet and greet" luncheon with Cognato at noon on Tuesday, Oct. 27 in Room E08 of the Plant Science Building to discuss the seminar and further develop networking and communication with a leading systematist from MSU. 

Event sponsorship

Sponsored by Colloquium in the Life Sciences, an interdisciplinary seminar series in life sciences. Scientists from around the country are invited to present their research. The seminar series is coordinated by Colorado State University graduate students.

Contact: Shiloh McCollum
Phone: (970) 231-9080