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Working at CSU

Institutional Workplace Climate Survey

March 27, 2012

In December, faculty and staff at CSU were encouraged to participate in a survey to assess the current state of the university work environment. We are very pleased with the response and would like to thank the more than 2,200 of you who took the time to complete the survey and put so much thought into your responses.

The responses came from all eight colleges, all administrative areas, and both on and off-campus. In an effort to make the survey as accessible as possible, it was translated into Spanish and hard copies were made available for those who preferred that format.

Survey goals

Our goal in conducting this survey was to create a coherent process that would provide feedback about the workplace environment in order to implement improved and measured positive change over time. The results from this first survey will serve as a benchmark for where we are as an institution. We believe conducting such a survey on a routine basis provides us a more solid baseline for continuous evaluation and improvement. It is our intention to conduct the survey again in two years.

Process of analyzing and sharing data

The Office of Institutional Research is currently analyzing the large volume of quantitative and narrative data.

In an effort to engage the campus community in the conversation, rather than simply reporting “numbers,” we plan to share the information we have gathered with various constituency groups on campus to stimulate dialogue regarding interpretation of the data and to inform decision-making as appropriate.

Meetings will take this spring with such groups as Cultural Center directors, Extension, the Commission on Women and Gender Equity, employee councils (administrative professional, classified, faculty), and adjunct faculty. We welcome requests from other campus groups wanting more detailed information or who would like to schedule a presentation.

After these group meetings, we will present to Cabinet and the Council of Deans, as well as at the Fall 2012 Diversity Symposium and the 2013 Professional Develop Institute (PDI). As information from the survey becomes available, it will be posted on the newly launched Diversity website.

We would like to recognize and thank the team that developed this survey: the Committee on Assessment for Diversity Issues, with special thanks to Zinta Byrne, associate professor of psychology, for her assistance. We would also like to thank the Office of Institutional Research for analyzing the data.

Contact: Rod Higgins
Phone: 970-491-2297