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Next Generation Sequencing Core updates

October 14, 2010

• The Infectious Disease Research Center Next Generation Sequencing Core (IDRC NGSC) is moving to the BRB Media Prep room 134.

• The Genomics services from the RMRCE Genomics/Proteomics Core are being integrated into the IDRC NGSC. Affymetrix services are now available through the NGSC. Please contact Erin Petrilli for more information,

• The Applied Biosystems SOLiD3+ System is being upgraded to the new SOLiD 4 platform. The upgrade will provide greater cost efficiencies for multi-sample sequencing and will provide greater sample coverage for data analysis.

• The Research Innovation Center is now open and is providing greater general access to the Infectious Disease Research Center. The NGSC is now easier to access than ever before. Feel free to make an office hours appointment with us.

• NGSC pricing includes sequencing data files and one alignment against a reference genome. A data alignment tutorial (one hour minimum) is available at your request for $140/hour. Additional Bioinformatics support is available at $140/hour. Visit for a full list of bioinformatics/data analysis services available through the NGSC.

• NGSC Data Retention Policy for Raw Image Files:

The IDRC Solid4 Next Generation Sequencer produces raw image files that range in size from 2–10 terabytes per slide. As part of a sample run, the sequencer performs data reduction analyses that condense the raw image files into colorspace and quality files that range in size from 200 – 400 gigabytes. Researchers typically need the colorspace and quality files for all of their subsequent data analyses, but generally do not need the raw image files. It is prohibitively expensive for the IDRC Next Generation Sequencing Core to retain the raw image files for any reasonable period of time. Therefore, the Core has adopted the following policy.

The Core will retain raw image files for 30 days after the completion of a sequence run. If investigators do not request the files, they will be deleted from IDRC servers. If investigators do request the files, they will be ported to a set of multi-terabyte USB-compatible hard drives and delivered to the investigator. Investigators will be billed for the cost of the drives and IDRC will choose the drive vendor. Every attempt will be made to choose a drive vendor that is compatible with the investigator’s computer equipment but this cannot be guaranteed by the Core.

• For up-to-date information about Next Generation Sequencing at CSU, please visit

Contact: Sherelle Reed
Phone: (970) 491-8167