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Health / Safety

H1N1 vaccine notification

October 21, 2009

Colorado State University students and employees who may be in a high-priority group for the H1N1 vaccine are encouraged to register their e-mail online for notification of the vaccine's availability through the CSU Health Network. CSU Health Network vaccines are available to students and employees, but not the family of employees.

Online registration

The online registration system will provide individuals with an opportunity to identify their reason for high priority and will supply CSU Health Network with an e-mail address where they can send a notification when vaccines arrive for distribution.

Prioritize, organize distribution

The system also will help CSU Health Network identify the highest need within the priority groups and quickly disseminate the vaccines to those individuals in an organized way.

The sign-up system can be accessed at Once on the site, click on the link “H1N1 Vaccine Availability Notification” to submit an e-mail.

Quick links

Registration on the system does not reserve or guarantee that an individual will receive a vaccine, but does provide the CSU Health Network with a method of contacting priority groups. Individuals who register are responsible for entering a correct e-mail address.

Vaccine arrival expected soon, unknown quantities

The CSU Health Network has requested 24,000 H1N1 vaccines, but to date the vaccines have not yet arrived. The network does not have information about when the vaccines will arrive and have been told by the Centers for Disease Control not to expect advance notice. The network also will not receive advance information about how many vaccines will arrive, although they can expect multiple shipments of the vaccines in unknown quantities over the next month.

Top priority groups

The CSU Health Network will identify priority groups for the vaccine based on Centers for Disease Control recommendations. To date, top priority for the H1N1 vaccine will be given to:

  • pregnant women (any trimester)
  • the parents of infants younger than 6 months
  • any caretakers of infants younger than 6 months, such as nannies or daycare employees
  • Students and staff with high risk medical conditions identified by the CDC, such as immunosuppressant illnesses

Mist and injection formula may be available

The CSU Health Network may receive vaccines in both the mist and injection formula; anyone more than 50 years old should not receive the vaccine via the nasal mist.

Free of charge to students and employees

The H1N1 vaccine is being provided through the CSU Health Network to CSU students and employees free of charge.

The CSU Health Network has temporarily ran out of seasonal flu shots but is expecting a limited shipment of those vaccines this month. Seasonal flu shots are available through a number of pharmacies and doctor’s offices in Fort Collins and Larimer County.

Optimal protection

The CSU Health Network is recommending that anyone who thinks he or she may have had H1N1 still consider getting the H1N1 vaccine to ensure protection in the event that their symptoms were a different strain of illness or flu.

The CSU Health Network continues to recommend that people receive the H1N1 vaccine as well as a seasonal flu shot in order to provide optimal protection. People who have had confirmed cases of H1N1 through a CDC test do not need to receive the vaccine.

After priority groups served

Flu vaccine clinics at locations in addition to the Hartshorn Building will be announced and planned as vaccinations arrive. Students and employees who are not part of a priority group can still receive an H1N1 vaccine from the CSU Health Network after priority groups are served and while supplies last.

More information about flu vaccine clinics and available to groups outside of the CDC-identified priority groups will be provided when available at