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Searching the past - UPDATE

March 10, 2011


I’m trying to find information on a person who was a professor or instructor at CSU sometime in the 1960s? to 1980s? His name was Dale Saunders and I believe he taught photography.

He is deceased now, and I have recently purchased his old house out on Terry Lake Road. Neighborhood stories tell that he did photography for National Geographic and was involved in the Grizzly Adams films. I am simply curious to find out anything else about this gentleman.

Can you please help me in my search or send me in the right direction?

Cam’s answer:

After ranging around all over the University (I almost said ‘universe’), I finally found some help from our amazing team of archivists at Morgan Library. If anybody can find information, they can.

Amy Meger, Project Archivist at the library, told me, “We have tried to find information for the submitter. Unfortunately, our information is somewhat limited.

“The only person in CSU directories from the 1960s through the 1980s with the last name of Saunders was a man named Howard D. Saunders. It could be that the D. is for Dale, but we cannot confirm that. 

“However, Howard Saunders was listed as being an instructor in the Foreign Language Department during the 1964-65 and 1965-66 academic years, not photography or the Art Department. He had his office in room 110 of the new Liberal Arts Building (now called Eddy Building/Hall).

“In addition, no Dale Saunders is listed in the two history books about the university by Dr. James Hansen. Finally, our researcher checked the Art Department as well as Photographic Services and no Saunders was listed.

"The only other person with the last name of Saunders was a Linda Saunders who was a Cooperative Extension agent working out of Golden and Boulder.”

So there it is - history can be a bit foggy, yes? But if you happen to find out who your mystery Mr. Saunders is, dear reader, by all means let me know! And best of luck in your new home.

Cam the Ram