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Ask Cam

Not recycling makes for a sad Cam

April 14, 2009


Cam, Isn't the paperboard box that my Lean Cuisine comes in recyclable? I always recycle mine, but my fellow staffers throw theirs in the trash. Who is correct?

Cam’s answer:

I don’t know what makes me prouder: the fact that Ram Country is eating healthy or that Ram Country is recycling. You have all four of my hooves dancing with happiness!

I checked with the good folks in Solid Waste Management who run all of CSU’s recycling operations. They have informed me that paperboard such as cereal boxes, egg cartons -- and yes, Lean Cuisine boxes -- are just fine toss into the happy recycling bin and not into the sad trash can.

However, wax- or plastic-covered paper, food wrappings, and paper towels (among a few other items) are currently not able to be recycled. More recycling tips can be found right here.

To love is to recycle,