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Campus improvements mean changes to parking and streets

August 12, 2011

Colorado State University has several projects underway to renovate student housing and improve the overall learning environment at the university.

Engineering II Building renderingUpdated August 12, 2011 

Colorado State University has several projects underway to renovate student housing and improve the overall learning environment at the university.These changes will continue to impact vehicle access to Meridian Avenue, which was closed Summer 2011, and two parking lots on campus.

This guide will offer alternative parking and traffic routes while construction is ongoing, including a detailed map.

Meridian Avenue will be temporarily open during Fall student move-in day on Thursday, Aug.18. For more information about housing renovations and move-in day traffic and parking, please visit this Today story.


May 12, 2011

Summer construction means changes to parking and streets on campus

CSU crews will be working throughout the summer on a variety of exciting, new construction and renovation projects that improve the overall campus environment. Parking and traffic flow on the north side of campus will be particularly impacted during these projects.

Projects include building the new Engineering II facility near corner of Laurel and Meridian. This building has been championed and largely funded by CSU students and alumni.

Also on the construction agenda are significant renovations to Parmalee Hall and the Lory Student Center Theatre, as well as parking lot repairs outside the Lory Student Center and in other parts of campus.

North side of campus experiences majority of changes

Parking and traffic flow on the north side of campus will be particularly impacted during these projects.

“All of this is ultimately great news that will benefit the CSU community, but in the short term, we all need to be prepared for the usual hassles and inconveniences that construction creates,” said Amy Parsons, vice president of operations.

 A map of available routes and parking information is available here.

Projects funded by fees, gifts

All of these improvements are being supported primarily either through student facilities fees, parking fees, donor gifts, LSC fees, or charges paid by students living in campus housing. These are not funds that can be used for any purpose other than to support these facilities improvements.

The major projects are:

Meridian Avenue will be closing to through traffic and parking in phases over the next two weeks.

            - Ultimately, the street will be closing off entirely to campus traffic from South Drive to Laurel Street until the end of several construction projects. The street is expected to reopen sometime in summer or fall of 2013.

            - Meridian will be restricted to construction vehicles, Transfort, and emergency and service vehicles. Pedestrian and bike traffic will be accommodated in separate marked lanes outside of the construction routes.

            - While closing the street causes some traffic on campus to be rerouted, it is an important safety step given the large, continuous volume of construction traffic that will be traveling Meridian during the construction period.

            - Facilities is developing and placing extensive signage in the area to redirect traffic.

            - People who normally use Meridian as an entrance and exit point for campus will be redirected to alternate entry points including Pitkin, Plum, and Lake Streets, and other entrances off of Laurel.

            - This closure also will result in the loss of about 45 parking spaces, most notably outside the Student Recreation Center, but parking for the Rec Center will still be available in the Rec Center lot (#180) and at Moby and Hartshorn.

The Engineering lot, #310, directly north of the Lory Student Center, will be closed for much of the summer, May 20 to Aug. 1.

            - The lot will be closed on May 20 instead of May 18, due to a slight delay in the project.

            - Closing the lot allows Parking Services to replace the existing pavement with a new concrete surface that will be easier and more economical to maintain over the long term. More important, this lot has experienced some significant drainage problems that need to be corrected, and summer is the only feasible time to undertake a project of this scope.

            - The bus lane on the west side of the lot will remain open.

            - Some one- hour paid parking spaces and parking for people with disabilities also will be available on the west side of the lot during construction, as the project allows.

Other impacts to parking 

            - Lot #165, which is on the south side of Green Hall, has been changed to “A” parking for the summer to help offset the temporary loss of the Engineering lot. People wishing to access this lot should enter campus via Plum Street.

            - People using the parking lot behind the TILT building will still be able to exit through the Student Center lot, and Lot #305 near Rockwell Hall will remain open.

            - People are encouraged to park in the lot on the south side of the Student Center, as well as in the Lake Street parking garage.

            - Parking services also will add short-term metered spaces in the Hartshorn East lot, #420, for the summer months while the Engineering lot is closed for construction.

            - Lot #155 is closing permanently this week for construction of the Engineering II building, which will be built in that location.

For more information on these projects, visit the Parking Services website.

Detailed information about these projects is available on the Facilities website.

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