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Working at CSU

Look who's outstanding!

April 3, 2013

The Student Health Insurance department within the CSU Health Network has been recognized for working with 3,000 student clients, helping them understand and access the benefits and services available to them through the health insurance plan.

Left to right: Julie Bigge, Jan Valasek, Nita Schissell and Lynne Bunn with the Student Health Insurance Department.On March 26, 2013, the Employee Appreciation Board honored the Student Health Insurance department as an outstanding unit at Colorado State University.  

CSUEAB members Kim Okamoto and Diane Hellbusch hosted a recognition event for the employees.

Role in education, advocacy

The CSU Student Health Insurance department manages 3000 enrollees in the student insurance plan. Their office oversees the program for undergraduate, graduate, and international students, including conducting open enrollment for CSU students twice a year and ensuring compliance with any mandatory and federal requirements.

Staff members believe that their most important role is to assist and educate students with their insurance needs and questions, and to act as advocates for students who are on the student insurance plan.  

Their office is often the first point of contact regarding insurance for our international students. Helping these students understand how health insurance works in the United States and why it is necessary is often a challenging, yet rewarding job.

Nominations welcomed

To nominate a deserving campus unit, please download and submit your nomination from the CSUEAB website.