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Ask Cam

Wondering about the waterfall - UPDATE!

Updated August 13, 2009


Cam, What’s the status of the waterfall at the Natural and Environmental Sciences Building?

I recently visited the building on an evening bike ride with some non-CSU friends, and it was sad to notice this piece of artwork looks a bit forgotten.


Cam’s answer:

Sometimes all it takes is a quick heads-up to the right people, and things get done.

In regards to the NESB, I talked with Lori Meyers at Facilities Management, and she told me she followed up with the Plumbing and Grounds departments about the building.

“The waterfall and lights inside the fountain are operational,” Lori tells me. “The vegetation surrounding the fountain is a bit overgrown, covering the lighting and water, but the grounds department said they would cut back the vegetation.”

Hope you and your visitors enjoy more evening bike rides on our beautiful campus!

- Cam the Ram

UPDATE: The fountain is working! Swing on by and enjoy!