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Resonant RAMblings spring concert

April 30, 2009
by Melinda Swenson

At their spring concert, the Resonant RAMblings will perform songs by Panic at the Disco, Rihanna, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Imogen Heap, Stevie Wonder, and more.

Resonant RAMblings spring concert
Sunday, May 3 @ 7 p.m.
Lory Student Center Theatre
$2 students, faculty, staff
$5 nonstudents 

Resonant RAMblings… out of sync?!!

Resonant RAMblings, Colorado State’s trendy pop/rock/r & b/a cappella group, usually performs with perfect timing. There was a weekend this spring, however, when they were completely out of sync with each other.

“Some of us decided to go up to Copper Mountain and hang out for the weekend,” said RAMblings President Jerick Flores. “Two of our members were leaving at 2 p.m. and the rest of us were leaving at 3:30.

(Photo at right, member Michelle Ghun)

“This was the weekend that it snowed a lot in the mountains. While the first two were on I-70, the interstate was closed down. They had to stay in a Red Cross shelter overnight and the rest of us never even got on the highway.” 

No divas

As a rule, though, the sixteen-member group enjoys harmony both on and off the stage. When Flores is asked, “Do you ever have difficulty deciding which vocalists to feature in your performances?” he answers, “There are no divas in the group; we get along great!

“We arrange our own music, and often the student who crafts a piece will arrange it with a soloist in mind. But anyone in the group has the choice to audition or not.

"The people who don’t audition for the song discuss the performances and vote on who would be best. We do the same for vocal percussion parts.”

(Photo at right: Member Lexie Brown)

Drumming with the vocal chords

Resonant RAMblings is one of a growing number of performance groups worldwide who combine harmony and vocal imitations of percussion instruments. Virtually any instrument can be replicated, from the drum to the electric guitar.

Vocal percussion actually poses no threat to the voice," Flores said. "It’s just making the correct sounds in the correct order and making sure you're breathing enough. Vocal percussion actually has a long history throughout the world."

A hit on campus & in the community

Founded in 2000, the Resonant RAMblings have grown to be a face on the CSU campus, in the Fort Collins community, and in the Colorado a cappella crowd. Last semester, there were over 300 in attendance for the final concert.

“In the past,” Flores said, “The group leaned towards being more social and there was less focus on the music. But within the last couple of years, this has changed, and the group has grown in quality tremendously.

“One of our members, Liz Classen, has an internship this summer with Universal Music. We have several music majors; one of them is a music therapist."  

(Photo at right: RAMblings President Jerick Flores)

A cappella on college campuses

A cappella is growing immensely. The style of music is beginning to be recognized on a more mainstream level, and I think a lot of that is credited to the growing popularity on college campuses.

“In addition to pop, rock, and r & b,” Flores said, “We also perform indie, hip hop, classic rock, and country/bluegrass. We remain open to all genre.”

“For me personally, performing is fun, engaging, and it’s like therapy - there is a release of emotions that has to do with being a part of the music. Everyone has their thing that they do to make themselves happy - music is mine!” 

On fashion faux pas and pageant queens

"We are actually a very fashion-conscious group," Flores said.  "We keep each other in check! We give detailed instructions on what everyone is to wear!"

But you won't see the RAMblings in formal wear.  They dress casually -  even when everyone else is wearing evening gowns, like when they performed at the Mrs. Wyoming Pageant last year. “That was fun," said Flores.  "It had such a dynamic. We were backstage with all the competitors. It was everything you’d think it would be.”

What's next: The White House?

When Flores is asked where he’d most like to perform, he answers in an instant, “The White House! We're going straight to the top! It would also be fun to sing in a national parade, like the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Locally, we would love to sing the national anthem at a Broncos game.”

Resonant RAMblings myspace

Contact: Jerick Flores
Phone: (970) 310-5903