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Ask Cam

Sorting out recycling

June 22, 2010


I work at the Foothills Campus and I have noticed that the custodial crews empty the waste baskets and blue recycle baskets into the same roll around waste container. Do they separate out the recyclable materials from the trash later? Is our recycling effort going to waste?

Cam’s Response:

Egad! A practice such as this would be – well, for lack of a better word – wasteful.

I checked with our recycling gurus who let me know all is well. It seems that, when doing their rounds, our coworkers use two bags in just one barrel so they can take waste and recycle materials at the same time.

Rest assured that the when the recycling is picked up at the Foothills campus, the bins are always brimming with perfectly recyclable paper, plastic, cardboard, and more.

It’s bad taste to waste,

Cam the Ram