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Leave with at least 101 memories (Part II)

July 20, 2009

In this two part series, the student content coordinators for Today share some of the lasting memories they made during their time as a student.

101 Before You Graduate

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#29 Go out and eat in Old Town

#42 Ace a test and #43 Take a moment to be thankful for getting an education

#68 Attend the RamWelcome Carnival

#74 Sing the Fight Song

#101 Graduate!

College is all about growing up and making memories. There are at least 101 things we hope you will remember when you leave CSU. Enjoy some of my favorite personal memories.

View the list of 101 Things To Do Before You Leave Colorado State University.

#29 Go out and eat in Old Town

I’ve lived in Fort Collins for the past five years and I’m still not bored going to Old Town to enjoy a meal. There is so much to choose from and it’s all generally delicious and what can I say, the bar is right across the street.

#42 Ace a test
#43 Take a moment to be thankful for getting an education

I’ll combine items 42 and 43, because I’m a first-generation student and the first to graduate college from my family. Everyday I’m thankful I received an education and when I ace a test it tells me I’m working hard to achieve my dreams and to set a precedence for all the upcoming generations from my family.

#68 Attend the Ram Welcome Carnival

Holy cow! Stuff to do overload! If you want to meet both new and current students, Ram Welcome is where you want to be. With games, prizes, and a ridiculous amount of people, you’re sure to have a big bang for the beginning of your semester. Plus, free food is always a motivator.

#74 Sing the Fight Song

I should not sing…ever. However, when you’re at a football and you feel the green and gold rushing through your body, the Fight Song is a definite must. Having thousands of CSU peers’ singing on all sides of you is a feeling you’ll remember and it’s so loud, you’ll forget that you can’t really sing.

#83 Pull an all-nighter

My junior year, I took five courses and all of them decided to have an exam during finals week. They also decided to have it all at 7 a.m., one each day. Let’s just say that studying all night, taking the final, going to work, catching a quick nap, and then repeating the process for the next 4 days was not one of my better weeks. However, I did it and survived to tell the tale.

#85 Get a parking ticket

The first day I came to CSU was move in day at the dorms, that was also the day I got my first parking ticket from Parking Services. I was told to park in the library parking lot and unload my car. Once I returned, I found a nice, shiny $17 ticket waiting for me.

I was not happy but Parking Services has a cool policy where you can appeal your ticket if you don’t think you deserve it, and, if your appeal doesn’t work, they'll void your first parking violation.

#101 Graduate!

Was four years of waking up early for class, lectures, homework, exams, all-nighters, stressing out because of your grades, work, clubs, and everything else in-between worth it?

When you walk up to get your diploma case (diplomas are mailed out 6-8 weeks after graduation) on graduation day, you’ll know that it’s was worth every second.

Anh Ha graduated in Dec. 2008 with a degree in journalism and technical communications and minor in business.

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