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Fight for the Mic

April 2, 2012
By Savannah King

Drum roll, please: Presenting the first year of ASAP's student comedy series, "Fight for the Mic!"

Ellen Roth, one of the show’s ASAP coordinators, says this particular show grew out of the thinking that it is extremely important to have entertainment that is both programmed for, and involves, students themselves.

The official description for the show calls Fight for the Mic “an exciting comedy competition that will pit the wit and hilarity of CSU students against each other.”

'All really funny'

Auditions were held March 28 and 29 to find the four students who will compete to win, as well as an emcee for the three main shows. Those who made the cut and will compete and host for their peers, as well as a panel of judges, are sophomore biological science major Garrett Gacita, senior zoology major Rafa Rivero, senior business administration major Ian Heath, junior communication studies major Kyle Anderson and junior sociology major Mike Hammock.

Roth, who helped to select these finalists, loves the “inside view of CSU” and “situational humor” each of these contests brings to the table.

“They’re all really funny,” said Roth, emphasizing the fact that all the contestants talk about college and give a great “inside view of CSU” that will appeal to other students.

Stop in for a laugh...or two

For students who would like to attend these shows, the first one will be held April 4, the second April 11, and the third on April 18. All shows will begin at 5:30 p.m., and will be held in the Ramskeller.

In each round, every contestant will have a maximum of half an hour to present their material and will be judged by an impartial panel that takes audience participation into account in their decisions. The winner will receive $500 and the title of winner of Fight for the Mic.

So if you’d like some great, free entertainment in one of CSU’s best venues, the Ramskeller, come help judge and cheer on the contestants in their epic Fight for the Mic.