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Ask Cam

Spotlight on the Golden Poms

January 22, 2009


Hey Cammie! Can you tell me why the Golden Poms sport (!) black outfits at basketball games? They look more like the CU cheerleaders with their all-black attires and gold poms than a team that supports our own. Don't think it's a money issue (like everything seems to be nowadays) since they seem to have money for three different outfits per game. Just wondering why they aren't showing more Ram Pride and choosing school colors...

Cam’s answer:

Whoa! Our spirit squad needs to show more Ram pride? You’ve curled my horns with that question! To get to the bottom of this couture conundrum, I hoofed it over to Dawn Burton, our super (and official) Spirit Coordinator. She told me:

I’m not sure which all-black outfits they’re referring to. The Golden Poms do have one black top with green-and-white Ram’s head on the front. It’s just one of the tops they rotate around with other tops. Also, their poms are green & gold mixed, not solid gold – and there isn’t a speck of black in them. Hopefully, your Ask Cam reader hasn't missed recent games where the girls have been wearing their solid green-and-gold outfits or their green-and-white outfits.

Thanks for the input, and we'll make sure we aren't supporting CU more than our RAMS!
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