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Ask Cam

Welcome to a newly minted mascot!

October 27, 2010


So we noticed a new change to the attire...and,’s a bit silly the way you look like a cross between an anorexic track runner and a gazelle. Could you please explain the recent modification?! With much thanks.

Cam’s answer:

Hey! It’s time for a younger, more handsome generation of mascot! And I think my new look is a cross between good looking and even more good looking, thanks very much.

But to give you perspective on our newly rebuilt mascot, I sat down with Athletics’ director of marketing, Ben Chulick, who filled me in on my retirement as the Old Ram and the birth of a New Cam.

“It was time for a new costume mascot,” Ben says. “The old one was falling apart. We had received some feedback about the look of old Cam. His face didn’t really resemble a Ram. We heard everything from pig, to alien, to people not being able to describe what he looked like.

“We wanted to get a costume that looked more like a Ram and more like our Ram-head logo. We also heard the muscles on the old Cam were way too big – a lot of comments about looking like he was on steroids. They bulky muscles also limited his mobility.

“The new Cam has a lot more flexibility and mobility. We do need to beef him up a little bit, but he was just born, so it will take a little time to develop those muscles.”

Time to develop muscles! I guess the new Cam now has permission to bulk up at the Rec as often and as long as he wants!

But I digress. Ben also says that this new kid on the block – let’s not forget he’s my (much) younger brother – was introduced in the middle of October as part of Athletics’ “CSU Athletics Debut Week.”

“The new Cam’s first appearance was at the CSU Bookstore,” Ben says. “He also appeared later that day for a media photo op with the new video board on Oct. 14.”

While I’m at it, I should mention that Athletics introduced the new on Oct. 12. Check it out!

To make my retirement plain and simple, Ben said that my old visage won’t be used any more at events. (The old me is in the photo at right - pointing to the exit.)

But don’t cry for me! I’ll be more than happy grazing with all my friends and relatives in pastures of green and gold – and in spirit, I’ll still be at every game and event.

Yours forever,
Cam the Ram