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Ask Cam

Scuttlebutt on scooters

January 23, 2012


Where are mopeds and low powered motor scooters (under 50 cc) allowed to park on campus? Can they be parked in bicycle racks?

Cam’s answer:

I can’t detail exactly where motorcycle parking is located on campus – there are spaces on the edges of some of the larger parking lots – but I can say that even those little putt-putt scooters aren’t allowed in bicycle racks.

As Lt. Chris Wolf at CSU-PD told me, “Mopeds and low-powered scooters are classified as motorcycles in the parking regulations. Therefore, they must park in designated motorcycle parking areas. They cannot park in or around bicycle racks. Those that do may be impounded.”

You can find out more by visiting Parking Services at the Lake Street Garage, 1508 Center Ave.; calling 491-7041; or sending e-mail to

Here’s more on motorcycle rules and regs, and Parking Service’s main page

By the way, I’ve seen scooters zipping around on pedestrian and bicycle paths on campus, and that’s a big no-no. It isn’t safe for motorized vehicles of any kind to be on walkways like that. Two of my four legs were almost busted up recently by some crazy scooter rider on the diagonal pathway south of the Rec.

Don’t mess with the Cammy! Or anybody else, for that matter.     

Yours in hoofin’ around safely,

Cam the Ram