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Contest winner has never tipped a cow, but. . .

March 10, 2010
By Rommel McClaney

Senior mathematics major Brian Mueller has never really been cow tipping but in his video, 'Let's have some fun,' he lists that as one of the many activities students can do to have responsible and sober fun. For the Institute for Learning and Teaching's 2010 CSU Creates contest, Mueller submitted two videos in two categories and won in both of them.

Let's have some fun!


After watching senior mathematics major Brian Mueller's videos, you wonder how one student could have so much energy.

"Most of my goofiness comes from being a camp counselor, an RA, having a goofy family, and really fun friends."

Getting a message out there

Brian has made a lot of videos in the past, but they have always been strictly for entertainment purposes. However, making Let's Have Some Fun and I Don't Want to Teach Myself really gave him a chance to get a message out there.

Brian has always been very passionate about poor teachers. Although I Don't Want to Teach Myself may seem to have a negative vibe, the positive message is aimed at professors. Brian is an aspiring teacher and the experiences he says in the video have encouraged him to be the BEST, not just someone at the front of the room who forces students to teach themselves the material. The video is not about teacher-bashing though.

"If I didn't (feel passionate), I wouldn't have spent that much time and effort writing and recording the song...I speak from my heart."

Having lots of fun

In Let's Have Some Fun Brian talks about all the fun, sober activities students can do. Brian himself has done most of them. 

"Jumping jacks? Yes. The photos I'm working on. I was 18 months behind in uploading photos, and I've knocked out over 12 of those 18 months. Have I played hacky-sack while pretending to be drunk? You bet. Have I spent a ridiculous amount of time on youtube? I think we all have."

Fun-loving and sober good times

Brian Mueller is a senior mathematics major and an aspiring teacher from Aurora, Colo.

Brian and his best friend Kurt Tiedemann went through the dorms and to Wal-Mart, taking turns being "Mr Box." Kurt's roommate had a giant box that they decided to make into a costume on a Friday night while most other residents were partying. 

"We're friendly guys, so we decided to offer hugs, not only for our own benefit, but so other Wal-Marters could enjoy their evening and share with their friends and family that they hugged a person dressed as a cardboard box. Again, it was evident that we had nothing better to do on a Friday night, and we were just having some clean, sober, loving fun."

Take home message

"I want students to know that there is more to college, and to life in general, than drinking. I think we all want that "college experience" that is glorified, yet so differentiable but I'd be willing to bet that I've had a better college experience than anyone who drank their college years away."
Mueller wants students to take away from the video about alcohol that it's his experiences that influenced him. He says he's had an amazing college experience and it was no thanks to any sort of binge drinking.

Self-directed, hard-working, and motivated to succeed

As for the music video, Brian encourages you to not be discouraged if you have a bad teacher. He says it really depends on what field of study you're in and there's always a way to succeed. While part of him resents teachers who have drained his pockets and given me nothing for it, the other part of him appreciates the fact that it has made him self-directed, hard-working, and motivated to succeed.