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Working at CSU

Mother's Day is every day of the year

May 13, 2012
by Hannah Woolums

Faculty and staff at CSU work hard to be leaders and supporters throughout the school year. But something that may be forgotten or taken for granted is that many employees have families to go home to. Most of the staff may not be lucky enough to work with family members on campus, but the ones who do wouldn't give it up for the world.

Nora Cruz, her daughter Salome Cardona, both from the Office of Admissions; and Salome's daughter, Aliyah Cardona, a first-year student in human development and family studies, enjoy sharing the working and academic environments on campus. This year, Mother’s Day hit close to home for one family: Salome Cardona in the Office of Admissions has had the privilege of working with her mother, Nora Cruz, in the same office since 1999 – and for an extra family benefit, Salome’s daughter, Aliyah Cardona, is taking classes here as a first-year student in human development and family studies.

“I began my career at CSU in 1995 in Athletics, moved to the Career Center in 1998 and moved to the Office of Admissions in 1999,” Salome said. “She (Nora) has worked her entire CSU career in the Office of Admissions – since 1992. So we’ve had the opportunity and privilege to work in the same office since 1999.

“Although we don’t always work together on every project, we do have the chance to work together often at programs hosted by our office, and it’s great to work toward common goals in welcoming and hosting prospective students and their families,” Salome said. “She is a strong support with behind-the-scene, detailed efforts, and I get to interact in front of the scene more closely with student group visits and answering questions through ‘on stage’ information session presentations etc., so we’re a good team for Admissions needs.”

Family ties

As a freshman, Aliyah enjoys being able to see her family frequently and is grateful for being able to grow up on campus and be around her family.

“I’m an only child, so my mom has always been my best friend,” Aliyah said. “Even though I don't see her every single day, it’s nice to know that she’s close and there for me when I need it. My grandma and I have a really great relationship too.

“I love having them work on campus. My mom started working here the year I was born, so I’ve been a Ram my whole life.”

A longtime tradition

The three have a tradition they enjoy with the whole family during Mother’s Day. One generation after another keeps the tradition of a family gathering and flower planting alive. While Aliyah and Salome take some time to be only with each other, the bulk of Mother’s Day is also spent tending to the joy of the tradition.

“We celebrate Mother’s Day with our whole family with a brunch or other meal,” Salome said. “Being together is so special to her and sometimes with both of my grandmothers there, too. Mom enjoys the beauty of colorful flowers all around the yard for summer, so my daughter and I always buy her flowers for Mother’s Day to plant and enjoy for the season too.”

“Every year I ask for flowers that I can plant and my grandkids come over and help me plant these flowers. That’s so special for me, and really we all have fun,” Nora said.