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Ask Cam

Dining with Cam the Ram

September 10, 2009


Dear Cam, Where is your favorite place to eat and what do you like to eat there? How do you keep yourself looking so strong?

Thanks Cam! You tha Best!

Cam’s answer:

I like to eat on the Oval! The well-kept lawn is just the best cuisine imaginable. Top it off with a quick dessert of sun-ripened flowers, and I’m in heaven.

(I’ve heard stories from some of my ancestors that the Oval used to be a hay field. Imagine the feasts!)

But for you two-legged Rams, I have to say the choices are just about endless. Our own Lory Student Center and residence halls have great places to eat. Throw in restaurants at Campus West, on Laurel Street and College Avenue, and the great dining atmosphere of Old Town, and you’ll run wild sometimes trying to decide where to feed.

camRam strong

You asked about how I look so strong. (Good thing you can’t see me blushing. No, wait – Rams don’t blush. Momentary lapse.)

I answered a similar question earlier this year, but I’ll be glad to fill you in again.

When I wake up in the morning, I like to go for a gallop to get my blood pumping and prepare for the day. After grazing on a good breakfast, I go off to random classes to gain a wide variety of knowledge.

Next, I practice with the Golden Poms and cheerleaders to prepare for games in the coming weeks.

Then I like to lift some weights at the Rec Center to get my muscles bulky and cut.

Most nights, I cheer on the sports teams of CSU. (What a game against the Buffs! My hooves haven’t hit the ground since!) I go to different events to support our CSU athletes and all our friends, students, and alumni.

By the end of the night, like most students, I like to roll in the hay and get my beauty sleep.

I’ve left out a lot, so the next time you see me at a game or other event, stop and say hello! I’ll fill you in a little more on a day (or night) in the life of...

Cam the Ram


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