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Out-of-state student dreams

October 16, 2009

At a time when getting admitted to many public universities is harder than ever, a growing number are considering plans to increase enrollments -- dramatically in some cases -- of out-of-state applicants.

The horrible budget situation has many universities thinking that a policy shift needs to happen.

However, some worry that the quest for high non-resident tuition will amount to an increased emphasis on enrolling wealthy white students -- those who are likely to be well served by colleges, no matter what.

  • Rutgers University, where out-of-state enrollment is currently about 10 percent, is planning a gradual increase to about 25 percent.
  • The president of the University of Colorado wants the state to lift caps on non-resident enrollment.
  • The comptroller of New York State issued a report last month calling on the State University of New York to increase non-resident tuition, with the goal of increasing revenues.


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