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Ask Cam

Standing stalwart and true

April 26, 2012

Hey Cam,A statue of your favorite mascot located in Sherwood Forest.

You seem to be everywhere I turn. I was trying to count all of the Ram statues around campus - by the Durrell Center, by the Anderson Academic Training Center, behind Shepherdson - but I can't be sure that I have found them all. Do you know how many times you have been immortalized in statues on campus?

Cam's answer

Well, my friend, you were certainly close! There are in fact four statues of me displayed around the main CSU campus: one outside Durrell, another outside the Anderson Academic Training Center, a third in Sherwood Forest, and the fourth on the plaza outside ASCSU’s office.

And I couldn't even begin to count the number of bobbleheads, T-shirts, plaques, billboards and who knows what else of me! But let's be honest, can there ever really be enough of me hanging around? I mean, how can a campus be truly dynamic without yours truly standing stalwart and true at every turn?

But hey, I guess the true message in this whole bit is that I’m super stoked that you noticed! Knowing that you've caught my Cammie-ness in all its glory makes me a happy ram, and just for that, I'm going to share a neat little fact with you about one of the statues. Out of all four statues, the one located outside the Anderson Academic Training Center is the only one designed to model a Rambouillet ram, which is precisely the breed of ram I am!

Always modest,

Cam the Ram