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Do it yourself: Home energy audit

January 11, 2013

Want to learn how to identify and stop energy waste in your home? CSU faculty, staff, and students can now take advantage of a new online tool to do just that.

The DIY Home Energy Audit, developed by CSU Extension, guides you through different areas of your home where energy might be wasted and asks you to rate aspects of your home’s energy use. Once completed, you’ll get a score, analysis, and a series of recommendations to reduce energy use in your specific home.

Completing the audit

The DIY home energy audit can take fifteen minutes to an hour or more to complete depending on your current knowledge of the home and the thoroughness of the audit. It can be completed on a personal computer or from any mobile device.

Borrow a  program kit

To complete the most thorough audit possible, you can borrow a Home Energy Audit Loan (HEAL) program kit from one of over 40 participating Extension offices throughout the state– the Larimer County office is located in north Fort Collins at 1525 Blue Spruce Drive.

This kit consists of:

  • a Kill-a-watt power monitor to measure appliance electricity use and find 'phantom loads';
  • a thermal leak detector to identify air leaks and gaps in insulation; and
  • a ‘flicker checker’ to find inefficient magnetic ballasts in long fluorescent tube lighting.

Recommendations help in long run

Completing the online audit is a great way to raise your awareness of energy use in your home. The recommendations can be acted upon anytime. Some of the no- or low-cost measures may be taken immediately while others could wait until the right time to invest in any of the more expensive recommended retrofits. Some municipalities, such as the City of Fort Collins, have associated rebate programs.

Whether you want to save some money, reduce your carbon footprint, or just see how you rank, CSU Extension’s DIY Home Energy Audit is a great place to start.

Contact: Cary Weiner
Phone: (970) 491-3784