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CSU Fund I announces first student fellowship recipient

August 11, 2010
By Candace Carlucci

CSU Fund I, the new venture capital fund associated with Colorado State University, has selected Ashlyn Searle, a senior business major, for the newly established CSU Fund I Fellowship position.

Fellowship offers hands-on experience in private equity

Ashlyn Searle, a senior in the College of Business, is the first recipient of the newly established CSU Fund I Fellowship.

The CSU Fund I Fellowship is a prestigious position that offers a unique opportunity to get hands-on experience in private equity.

CSU Fund I is a 10-year private investment fund that provides seed and early-stage capital to promising new companies associated with Colorado State University. The fund is managed by CSU Management Corp., a subsidiary of the private, non-profit CSU Ventures Inc., which helps the university commercialize new research innovations through business development, global partnerships and critical commercialization activities.

Learn the ropes

“As the fund is affiliated with CSU, it offers greater exposure to the chosen student in working closely with high-growth and high-tech opportunities stemming from CSU’s cutting-edge research,” said Mark Wdowik, president and CEO of CSU Management Corp. and executive fund director for CSU Fund I. “The fund is also connected to other venture capital funds from around the country, allowing the chosen student to have direct access to these world renowned venture capital firms and learn the ropes of seed- and early-stage investing.”

Studying corporate finance, minor in economics

Searle is a senior in the College of Business and is studying corporate finance and investment analysis with a minor in economics. She is part of the College of Business Honors Program and is President of CSU’s Summit Fund – a highly selective program that offers some business students the opportunity to learn about the stock market with real money provided by donors.

Responsibilities of this fellowship position will include:

  • processing fund applications and documents
  • assisting with company screenings and providing written business overviews of potential investment opportunities for fund management
  • identifying and researching companies in assigned categories to build a comprehensive market analysis of competitors and companies
  • assisting and participating in monthly fund meetings

By Candace Carlucci, senior technical journalism major and Department of Public Relations intern.