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CSU implements water restrictions

June 7, 2013

Due to the recent, dramatic increase in mountain snowpack in our region, city officials signed the declaration to lift the water restrictions effective June 1.

sprinklers watering grass

Updated 1 p.m. June 7

The decision to lift the restrictions was based on the additional water supplies that have become available since the beginning of April. 

Despite the lift on mandatory restrictions, Fort Collins Utilities is encouraging customers to voluntarily follow the same irrigation schedule and recommendations in Level 1 restrictions to conserve our precious resource. Lawn watering two days per week is usually enough except during very hot, dry weather when a third day should be added.

Originial story posted April 1, 2013

Colorado State University students, staff and faculty may notice changes in the university's landscape management this spring; CSU is implementing drought measures, along with the city's ordinance requiring water restrictions, starting Monday, April 1.

While the university almost exclusively uses raw water for landscape irrigation, which is not impacted by the city water restrictions, Facilities Management will reduce landscape water use in support of the university’s commitment to sustainability and responsible water use and in support of the city’s drought measures.

Restrictions follow city recommendations

Facilities Management will adhere to a twice-a-week watering schedule for grassy areas on campus and will shut down external water features such as the fountain north of the Engineering Building. Because of the complexity of CSU’s watering system, the university will water on all days of the week, but will restrict watering in each zone to the twice-a-week schedule. These measures are forecast to conserve 15-20 percent of irrigation water, which is primarily stored in College Lake on the Foothills Campus and conveyed to main campus through a pipe.

Additional watering restrictions may be implemented later in the summer if necessary and if the city implements additional restrictions.

If the city implements additional turf watering restrictions as the season progresses, some areas of campus will continue to adhere to twice a week restrictions:

  • the Oval, to preserve the historic Elm trees, which are not on a separate irrigation system
  • Athletic and recreational fields, because of safety concerns
  • and the Annual Trial Garden  to adhere to research requirements.

Report faulty sprinkler heads, leaking faucets

In addition, Facilities Management is asking that students, staff and faculty who see broken sprinkler heads and leaking faucets, toilets and equipment report them immediately to Facilities Management at 970-491-0077.

CSU manages about 300 acres of irrigated landscape, 200 acres of which are on main campus. In addition, Facilities Management has significantly invested in its raw water irrigation structure to make watering more efficient, and new landscapes associated with new buildings are designed with water conservation in mind. New buildings also include water-saving features.

Facilities Management also is encouraging students, staff and faculty to do their part in conserving water inside of buildings, just as they would at home. Some tips include reporting leaking sinks and toilets and broken sprinkler heads so they can be fixed, not running water while you lather your hands and turning faucets off tightly.

In addition, remember to conserve water at home. The City of Fort Collins offers useful tips.

Contact: Dell Rae Moellenberg
Phone: (970) 491-6009