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Sport Clubs continues the tradition of champions

June 11, 2009

CSU Sport Club teams fund themselves through student fees, dues, and fundraising. These teams carry a high spirit of sportsmanship on and off the field.

Strong history

Colorado State University is the home to 28 different student-run Sport Clubs and embodies over 1,000 students. Since 1990, 18 CSU teams have won national championships.

Not to be confused with Intramural sports, Sport Clubs compete against other colleges and universities, travel, and play for regional and national championships - not including the NCAA.

The Sport Clubs at CSU contains a high level of competition and the drive to win. Leadership skills are highly developed in students who participate in Sports Clubs because of constant fundraising, scheduling, budgeting, and management of their team.

One of the best in the nation

Colorado State Sport Clubs program is recognized for being one of the strongest of its type in the nation. This past year, 26 teams traveled out of Colorado to compete in numerous regional and national championships.

Sport Clubs 2009 Highlights

  • Baseball won their 5th NCBA championship in six years.
  • Women’s Ice Hockey completed their first competitive year at CSU.
  • Logging Sports placed second in the Collegiate Stihl Timbersports West Region Conclave.
  • Rodeo hosted the 58th Annual Skyline Stampede.
  • Women’s Rugby went undefeated during spring season.

More 2009 Sport Clubs highlights

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