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Nominate an outstanding organization

January 23, 2014

Somewhere on campus there is a work unit you know of that is deserving of recognition. They meet their commitments. Knowledgeable and innovative, they handle challenges with grace; respond to problems rather than react to them; communicate and problem solve. Nominate them to be recognized by the University's Employee Appreciation Board. We'll make sure they feel valued!

Do you know of a work unit on campus that is deserving of recognition?Recognizing CSU employees

The CSU Employee Appreciation Board, formed in 1968, is one of the longest-standing traditions on campus. In 2013, we reached a milestone—we've been recognizing employees for 45 years!

Originally called the "Faculty Club Board," the mission of the board has remained the same over the years -- to recognize employees and to promote community spirit among faculty and staff.   

Each month the board recognizes an outstanding work unit on campus. The board collects nominations from across campus, carefully reviews the nomination forms (which detail why a group should be recognized) and then votes.

Board members then organize and facilitate the recognition events such as a luncheon, breakfast, or ice cream social.

How to nominate an outstanding unitThe Department of Atmospheric Science at their recognition event on Dec. 2, 2013.

If you'd like to nominate an employee unit, visit the CSUAB website and use the Download Nomination Form link. After filling out the form and saving it, please email it to the CSUAB.

Brand: Excellence!

The Employee Appreciation Board recently recognized the outstanding and unique Department of Atmospheric Science.

The department includes 83 research and support staff. "The exceptional commitment to excellence displayed by our research associates, scientists, project managers and state classified administrative support staff contributes to the overall success of the unit," said Jeffrey Collett, professor and department head of ATS.

Four nominations submitted on behalf of ATS

The CSUAB received four nominations for ATS for recognition. "Everyone [in ATS] strives to go above and beyond their job scope to be helpful, provide outstanding service, and create an atmosphere where everyone’s ideas are heard and encouraged," said Annette Foster.

"This results in a high quality of work, continual improvements and very happy employees who feel valued and appreciated."