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Renowned Middle East and international studies expert Jere Bacharach Sept. 15 & 16

Updated September 13, 2009

Internationally renowned Middle East and international studies expert Jere Bacharach will share intriguing details about the role of the American government in preserving Egyptian artifacts at various sites and also human remains in Egyptian temples. In a second lecture, he tells us what can be discovered through the study of Islamic coins.

Tuesday, Sept. 15, 7 p.m.
Grey Rock Room
Lory Student Center 

Ever wonder what the inside of a real, Egyptian temple or tomb is like? 

Professor Emeritus Jere Bacharach will describe examples of preservation projects in Egypt in which the American government and the American Research Center in Egypt have participated.   

The Middle East & North African Studies faculty and the International Studies Degree Concentration of the College of Liberal Arts’ Liberal Arts Interdisciplinary Major are bringing Bacharach, an internationally-renowned Middle East & International Studies expert, to CSU. 

Bacharack will give a lecture on Tuesday, Sept. 15 and a second on Wednesday, Sept. 16

Heroes of conservation

"Preserving Egypt's Cultural Heritage: The American Role" is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 15 from 7-9 p.m. in the Grey Rock Room, north side of Lory Student Center.

This extensively illustrated talk will discuss the role of the American government, and of the American Research Center in Egypt, or ARCE, in preserving Egypt's cultural past. The ARCE supports archaeology, scholarship, training, and conservation efforts in Egypt. Prof. Bacharach will present guidelines that are now followed for preservation around the world, some general examples of the work done by ARCE and some specific cases related to:

  • Early Dynastic history
  • Roman remains in the Luxor temple
  • Discoveries of new schools of Coptic art 
  • Work on Islamic sites 


Islamic coins: What do they reveal?

"Islamic coins through history"
Wednesday, Sept. 16 at noon
Lory Student Center, Room 224-226

What can one discover through the study of Islamic coins? You'll be surprised! In this second lecture by Jere Bacharach, he'll give an illustrated talk that will present examples such as:

  • How tax collectors in the 750s and 760s could tell very pure silver coins from poorer ones without reading a word of Arabic
  • How medieval Muslim names are put together
  • Pre-modern monetary policies in the Middle East and the Mediterranean world, and much more

Lecture flyer 

Additional sponsorship

Bacharach's lectures are also being sponsored by a CLA Lilla B. Morgan grant, a U.S. Dept of Education UISFL grant, and the CSU Arabic Culture Club.

Contact: James Lindsay, Associate Prof. of Middle Eastern History