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Native American Storytelling Nov. 2

October 30, 2009

Come to the new Computer Science Building on Monday, Nov. 2 and hear the stories about the Navajo Saltwater People Clan that Sunny Dooley belongs to. Dooley will share stories she listened to as a child and has translated from her native tongue, Dine' into English, so that all of us can share in the rich culture, traditions, and history of her people.

Monday, Nov. 2, 6 p.m.
Computer Science Buildling
Room 130

Sunny Dooley, a Native Dine’ Navajo storyteller, will visit the CSU campus to share stories from the Saltwater People Clan. Dine' (Navajo) is Dooley's first language and this has enabled her to translate the stories of her people from their original language into English.

The event will take place in the new Computer Science Building, Room 130.

Sharing a rich heritage

Sunny Dooley has been telling stories of the Dine' people for the past nine years. She is from a community called Chi Chil' Tah, which means, "Where the oaks grow."  Chi Chil' Tah is in the Four Corners region of the southwest.  In her story telling, Dooley shares the rich cultural, traditional and historical context of her people. 

Handing down stories from her female ancestors

The Saltwater People Clan that Dooley belongs to is a matrilineal clan. When a baby is born, he or she belongs to the clan of the mother. The clan name passes on through the mother to her children.

The stories Dooley tells have been told by the generation before her and the one before that. They are more than a retelling of history -- they share a wisdom and help us understand our surroundings and the past and present. The Navajo believe that each time a story is retold, it creates a world -- the recounting of stories is therefore considered precious and sacred. 

Event sponsorship

The event is sponsored by the Native American Women’s Circle, American Indian Science & Engineering Society and the Associated Students of Colorado State University

November is Native American Awareness Month

Contact: Ty Smith
Phone: (970) 491-1332