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Lagoon Summer Concert Series July 22

July 16, 2009

Families and friends come into the cool shade under the large trees on the West Lawn of the Lory Student Center. In front of the concert pavilion, they spread blankets or open camp chairs, settle the kids and family dogs, then produce picnic dinners. At last, they sit back and wait for the concert to begin...

Lindsey O'Brien Band
Wednesday, July 22 at 6:30 p.m.
West Lawn of the Lory Student Center

The Lagoon Summer Concert Series is back! It's time to get out your camp chairs, blankets, and picnic coolers for a relaxing evening on the lawn of the Lagoon, west of the Lory Student Center in the heart of our beautiful campus.

Concerts will be held, weather permitting, on Wednesday nights starting July 8 and ending on August 12. Admission is free.

The Lagoon Summer Concert Series has been a summer event in Fort Collins for over 17 years. Thanks to the generous support of Colorado State University, this event has continued to thrive and grow into the success it is today.

Map showing parking and stage location  

The Lindsey O'Brien Band

After bouncing between her hometown of Chicago and the northern Colorado music scene, Lindsey O'Brien began assembling and playing with the big bottomed and knee-deep ensemble that is the Lindsey O'Brien Band.

The talent and chemistry of the Lindsey O'Brien Band is shown through their musical mastery and confident stage presence. O'Brien's voice will stop you dead in your tracks as her soulful voice belts melodies that grab and hold you. 

Band Members

Drummer - Pete Knudson

Percussionist - Jake VanVonderen

Bassist - Ben Hockett

Lead Guitarist - P-Mann

Saxophone - Dave Clapsaddle

Trombone - Chris Nicholas

Knudson, VanVonderen, and Hockett lock in with each other to create a quintessential rhythmic pocket. Lead guitarist, P-Mann handcrafts the rock with his soaring leads and edgy sound.

On top of an already super solid quintet is a bombshell horn section consisting of Dave Clapsaddle on saxophone and Chris Nicholas on trombone. These guys produce beautiful and powerful horn lines, which really brings the energy of the music to another level.

The Lindsey O'Brien Band is as startlingly versatile and cohesive a band that has come along in the national scene in years. The Lindsey O'Brien Band doesn't just meld dance, folk, jazz, funk, soul and rock, it superglues it.  


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This it the tenth year that The Mantooth Company has produced the Lagoon Series.