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Health / Safety

Training reduces risks for CSU drivers

May 2, 2011

CSU employees driving commercial motor vehicles are urged to sign up for driver's training through the Department of Transportation (DOT) program to ensure the safety of all vehicle occupants.

For safety's sake

On a warm Spring morning, international students prepared for a day in Boulder. Trips and activities give international students a chance to explore Colorado and feel integrated. And to ensure safety, all drivers transporting these students must undergo special training.

“The students feel safe if you drive well. I always try to remember that I am not the only person in the vehicle, and that the students are assets of the University. I have many lives with me, which makes me drive very carefully,” said Tulsi Adhikari, one of the staff members coordinating the trip.

Compliance and risk reduction

The Department of Transportation (DOT) program, overseen by Environmental Health Services and Risk Management, seeks to reinforce compliance and reduce risks for CSU drivers. Jennie Gober, the program coordinator, estimates that there are currently more than 400 registered drivers in the program, which includes 230 long haul vehicles, 150 short haul vehicles, and at least 50 drivers with commercial driver’s licenses on campus. They operate CSU commercial motor vehicles to transport students, research instruments and animals on and off-campus.

The significance of the program lies in creating awareness of driver’s responsibilities while operating CSU vehicles. Some of the consequences of non-compliance are potential fines to the driver. Gober encourages drivers and supervisors to get informed.

“Those who go through training have lower chances to be fined, because they are aware of the regulations,” she said.

You need DOT training if you:

  • Drive a vehicle 10,001 GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) or GCWR (Gross Combined Weight Rating)
  • Drive a vehicle transporting 16 or more passengers
  • Use a Commercial Driver’s License for CSU purposes
  • Supervise drivers using a Commercial Driver’s License

Contact Jennie Gober for more information.

Contact: Fernanda Dore
Phone: (970) 412-4835