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Health / Safety

H1N1 flu update

May 6, 2009

Colorado State University's public safety team is continuing to keep up on the latest information about the H1N1 flu, and at this time no disruptions to events or classes are planned or expected to be necessary. The university's leadership has been in constant communication with health officials and, at this time, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Safety and the Larimer County Department of Public Health and Safety are recommending that we treat this flu the same as we would treat any seasonal flu.

We are aware that our neighbors at the University of Colorado have identified three possible cases of the H1N1 flu. CU officials also are following recommendations of local health officials and are not taking extraordinary measures.

Monitoring local situation

CSU’s Public Safety Team will continue to work with health officials to monitor the local situation. At this time, there are no anticipated changes to the end of semester schedules and activities.

Finals week and graduation celebrations are expected to continue as planned.

We do expect that individuals with H1N1 with a connection to CSU, such as students or employees, may be identified in the future, although there are currently no suspect cases affiliated to the university. However, since this flu at this time does not appear to be more severe than a regular seasonal flu, according to health experts, we’ll continue to treat it as such.

Urge prudent measures

Again, we urge students, faculty and staff to take prudent measures such as washing their hands, covering their coughs and staying home when they are sick. Students will be required to make up any missed finals or class work per university rules related to illnesses.

Faculty and staff who are ill also are expected to stay at home if they are ill.


Please continue to check the Public Safety website at for updated information.