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Free workshops offered to faculty, staff this summer

June 14, 2013

Do you feel like there isn't enough time in the day?

road sign with work pointing on direction and life pointing anotherDo you feel like there isn't enough time in the day?  Do you hesitate when someone asks you what your five-year goals are? Do you believe that conflict can be positive?

This summer, CSU is offering free workshops to help employees with life and wellness challenges, including personal and professional time management, planning for end of life, setting goals and adding energy into your life. These are a few of the topics covered by the quick workshops, which are offered  by the Employee Assistance Program.

Summer classes begin July 17. For more information about classes visit To  register, visit

Life Wishes: Advanced Planning:  Planning is required to ensure a comfortable retirement, a good education for your children, even a fabulous vacation. You wouldn't think of heading out the door for vacation without detailed plans for how to get there, how much money to take, where to stay, and who will look after the house while you are away. But do you have plans to ensure your wishes will be followed in a health crisis, or that you will have the resources you need to provide care to a loved one, or how you would prefer to experience your end of life? This informative, interactive workshop explains available options, resources and tools to ensure your wishes are known and followed.

New noon-hour presentations

Where Are You Going: Goal Setting for Personal and Professional Success: Goal setting gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation. A life without goals is like a road trip without a map. By knowing exactly what you want to achieve, you are less likely to get lost, and you will be happier and less frustrated along the way. Learn to set goals, overcome common pitfalls and form an action plan for meeting goals.

The Confident You: Taking Charge of Your Life: Stop letting fear or shyness hold you back from saying what you should, giving in to others when you believed strongly in your position, or not standing up for yourself when you should with this workshop. You’ll gain tips on how to add the confidence that helps you feel like you’re in control.

Running on "E:" Adding Energy and Passion to Work Life: Longer hours, increased responsibilities, constant change, accelerated pace of business, intensified pressure…But this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and enjoy your work. This workshop will help you survive and thrive in today’s high-pressure world.

Time Management Principles:Work, family and personal responsibilities can feel overwhelming, and it sometimes seems as if a 24-hour day simply isn’t long enough to get everything done. By following the principles discussed in this workshop, you may still never get everything done, but you should feel more in control of your very busy life.

Leadership, supervision, communication & personal effectiveness

These workshops are offered by Training and Organizational Development.

New classes:

The Positive Side of Conflict: When you think of conflict in the workplace, do you picture stressful confrontation or complete avoidance. Conflict does not have to be negative; it can lead to growth and change. This session covers styles and strategies to deal with conflict, and teaches tools that lead to positive resolutions.

Transitioning to Leadership: How to Survive and Thrive! This one-day workshop is designed for those who are in or considering their first role in a supervisory position. This session introduces key concepts of leadership, the importance of communication, teambuilding and working through conflict.

Understanding the Challenges of Leading Change: Understanding how to support yourself and others through a change is an important leadership skill. This class will explore your personal tolerance for change, give insight into other’s responses to change, help you identify problems and lead transitions.  

Campus Preparedness for CSUstaff: Do you have a ‘go plan’ at home if you’re evacuated? Learn to more quickly recover and improve your chances of avoiding injury and worse during the many types of emergencies that may arise on any given day at work, at home, schools and elsewhere.

Returning popular classes

The Balancing Act: Supervising Student, Hourly, and Seasonal Employees: Supervising student and seasonal employees requires a balance among coaching, teaching, mentoring, professional needs for accomplishment and efficient use of time. This session will cover concepts, techniques and tools designed to assist supervisors with effective management and development of their student and seasonal employees.

Managing Employee Stress: Leaders to who want to proactively minimize stress in the workplace will learn the top ten cause of stress in the workplace, how to identify stress in the workplace, understand the relationship among stress, confidence and performance, and help employees cope and maximize performance. 

Artful Dialogue: Creative Communication at Work and Home: This training addresses the difficult times in relationships when we feel like we are a deer caught in the headlights: feeling frozen and not knowing what to do in the midst of an unproductive conversation. Knowing how to spot these unproductive moments and having options enables us to move in more constructive directions in the conversation. We’ll explore how to use methods from the martial arts of judo and aikido in creative communication.

Dealing with Toxic People: This class addresses the difficult relationships and people we often encounter in the workplace and provides understanding, tools, and strategies. Explore behaviors and interactions that cause difficulty in relating to others. Recognizing the nature of “toxic” relating creates choices that enable us to deal with difficult situations and people more successfully.

Kuali: Purchasing: This session will provide the attendee with a basic understanding of the purchasing portion of the Purchasing Accounts Payable (PURAP) model of the Kuali Financial System. The class will include an introduction and overview of the PURAP module, training on how to use the shop catalogs within the Kuali Financial System, creating  non-catalog requisitions, helpful tricks and online training resources. The class will include both PowerPoint and live demonstrations.

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