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Course Survey forms available

April 19, 2012

To CSU faculty:

If you need new survey forms and cover sheets, those are now available at the Morgan Library Help Desk. If you have any questions about the course survey process, please contact the University Testing Center at 1-6498 or

Information is also available here.

Following are tips for administering the course surveys to ensure a smoother, more efficient process.

1) Make sure you're using the correct survey form. For the summer and fall, we switched to the 10003 form, which is the same one we'll be using this semester. It has the number 10003 in the upper-left corner and boxes for students to write in the CRN. The correct survey forms may be picked up at the Morgan Library Help Desk.

Please dispose of any survey forms that do not have this number in the top left. Those haven't been used since Spring '11. We are still seeing some of these old forms come through, and when they do, we have to go through a different protocol and run the surveys in more than one batch. This greatly increases the turn-around time on releasing surveys and creates many of the errors we encountered in the fall, such as classes only partially loading (because they had to be run in multiple rather than one batch).

2) Be sure to include cover sheets. For an exam to be scanned it must have a cover sheet identifying the instructor(s), the CRN, course name and enrollment. We need your cover sheet to scan your surveys. Not having a cover sheet delays the process, for we have to contact the department to get the cover sheet completed and hold off scanning until we've received the proper form. Cover sheets can also be picked up at the Morgan Library Help Desk.

3) Please have your students specify the instructor for team-taught or courses with multiple instructors. If students are evaluating more than one instructor, they need to fill in the instructor codes (A, B, C...) on the survey form. If no instructor code is completed, the surveys default to A, meaning the A instructor will receive all the data and none of the other teachers will receive theirs. Your instructor codes are available under the Course Info link.

Following the above steps will ensure a smoother process, fewer errors and faster turn-around time. Thank you for your attention to these details.

More information about the course survey process.

Thank you.

Vince Darcangelo, Director