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Brian O'Malley ('97) helps make peace with the world

March 7, 2011

Brian C. O'Malley ('97), a senior environmental, health, and safety consultant for Hellman & Associates, currently lives in Denver. But prior to that he and his wife, Angela Myers, worked for the Peace Corps in Sicchez, Peru, from 2007 to 2009.

A long and productive experience

Brian O’Malley worked as a community health volunteer at a local health center and assisted the center in providing 45 new cook stoves and 60 gardens to young mothers in an effort to reduce malnutrition in children under 3 years old. Myers worked on waste management issues and helped the town begin their recycling efforts. O’Malley and Myers also taught physical education and computer classes to youth in the town.

Their experience was captured visually in Making Peace with the World, a collection of photographs of Peace Corps volunteers at work worldwide (Other Places Publishing).


Excerpt from an Other Places Publishing interview with Brian O'Malley


What has been the most surprising thing about Peace Corps for you?

They really do support you as much as possible in the field given that you may be days away, with no resources, the electricity is out, and the one community phone is broken. I smile now looking back at that.

Have there been any moments in your service you wish you had been able to capture on camera?

Anytime someone would gift me an egg, chunk of sugar cane, banana, orange, or whatever they could spare as I passed their house. The memories I have of those times are more vivid than any picture.

What did you miss about the United States while you were gone?

I missed the anonymity that I have in the States.

What do you miss about your site now that you are back?

I miss being able to communicate with my host family and friends back in Peru. There is no mail, no e-mail, and a single phone for the community. I’d have better luck sending positive thoughts southward than calling that phone!

What is your advice for people considering joining the Peace Corps?

Anyone with a sense of adventure, a passion of serving others, the ability to sacrifice convenience, and good listening skills will make a great volunteer.
A person considering joining the Peace Corps should go off the beaten path in some way beforehand and really ponder if it is the direction they want to go for over 2 years.

This road less traveled is filled with small wonders that you may not find in the normal way. The book, Making Peace with the World, does a fabulous job of showing what these joys may be.

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