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Updated retiree recognition list 2008-2009

February 23, 2009

Below is an updated draft list of our CSU colleagues to be recognized for retirements which have or will occur during 2008-2009.

Contact the Benefits Office if you're planning to retire

If you are planning on retiring this spring/summer, please contact the Benefits Office to schedule your retirement appointment.

Recognition ceremony planned

If you wish to be recognized for your retirement, please contact CSU Events at or (970) 491-4601 .

Service, dedication appreciated

Thank you for your service and dedication to Colorado State University!

List updated Feb. 23

Kenneth G.D. Allen, Food Science & Human Nutrition (30 years)
David R. Ames, Animal Sciences (26 years)
Michael G. Bahm, Colorado State Forest Service (30 years)
Peter M. Barth, Colorado State Forest Service (26 years)
Miriam A. Beauman, Residential Dining (15 years)
Georgeanne Beck, Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere
Barbara W. Bernstein, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (31 years)
William J. Bertschy, Pingree Park (37 years)
Craig W. Birdsong, Design & Merchandising (31 years)
Debbie Blattenbauer, Communications & Creative Services (18 years)
Pamela S. Blue, Food Science & Human Nutrition (26 years)
Carol Brennfleck, University Parking Services
Carmel C. Bush, University Libraries (20 years)
Joanne Campbell, College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (17 years)
Dawn Carlson, School of Social Work (15 years)
Mark T. Childress, CSU Police Department (28 years)
David R. Cismoski, Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (12 years)
Charles W. Cole, Psychology (44 years)
Pamela J. Cox, Food Science & Human Nutrition (31 years)
Kenneth T. Crump, Veterinary Teaching Hospital (25 years)
Richard B. Darst, Mathematics (37 years)
Richard A. Davis, Statistics (17 years)
Anne B. Deshon, Veterinary Teaching Hospital (35 years)
Elizabeth R. Doerr, Human Resource Services (11 years)
Ping Dou, Chemistry (22 years)
Kenneth E. Eis, Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (16 years)
Douglas J. Ernest, University Libraries (27 years)
Alfred Frisch, Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere
Jane K. Frobose, CSU Extension (16 years)
Lavonna Grantham, Continuing Education (31 years)
Ann E. Hall, CSU Extension (18 years)
Bruce Hall, School of Social Work (35 years)
Michael R. Harris, Office of the Provost/Executive Vice President (13 years)
Peggy J. Hiller, Colorado State Forest Service (20 years)
Veda K. Hogestad, Housing & Dining Services - Administration (34 years)
Irmgard E. Hunt, Foreign Languages & Literatures (19 years)
Shawki A. Ibrahim, Environmental & Radiological Health Sciences (28 years)
Barbara L. Jackson, Residence Life
Rebecaa D. Jensen, University Libraries (22 years)
Maryann S. Lane, Hartshorn Health Services (9 years)
William K. Lauenroth, Forest, Rangeland & Watershed Stewardship (37 years)
Grant S. Lee, Philosophy
Gene W. Lewis, Computer Information Systems (20 years)
Shelly Loomis, Office of the Registrar (30 years)
Harry J. Lyle, Central Receiving (13 years)
Roger S. Marshall, Central Receiving (21 years)
Robert D. Mathis, CSU Extension (17 years)
Diane L. Maybon, Office of the Provost/Executive Vice President (26 years)
Gale T. Miller, CSU Extension (20 years)
Raymond Montanez, Rocky Ford Diagnostic Laboratory (19 years)
Linda G. Moore, Veterinary Teaching Hospital (15 years)
Catherine L. Murray-Rust, University Libraries (5 years)
Renee M. Oldham, Hartshorn Health Services (13 years)
James M. Oscarson, Veterinary Teaching Hospital (17 years)
Andrew G. Perez, Facilities Management (11 years)
Dennis D. Phillips, Communication Studies (36 years)
Mary S. Pridgen, Environmental & Radiological Health Sciences (31 years)
James Purdom, Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere
Nancy J. Race, CSU Extension (29 years)
Toni J. Scofield, Facilities Management (15 years)
Patricia R. Shannon, Veterinary Teaching Hospital (33 years)
Andre J. Smith, Academic Computing & Networking Services (5 years)
Gregory W. Smith, Facilities Management (20 years)
Sisa Sternback, International Programs (7 years)
George C. Thornton, Psychology (42 years)
Robert L. Ulrich, Environmental & Radiological Health Sciences (8 years)
Mary Ann Valdez, Veterinary Teaching Hospital (24 years)
Patricia A. Van Deventer, University Libraries (20 years)
Cathy S. Wagner-Renner, Construction Management (28 years)
Linda R. Wenzel, Finance & Real Estate (20 years)
James H. White, Facilities Management (11 years)
Marie O. Whitehead, Environmental & Radiological Health Sciences (32 years)
Martha A. Willits, Veterinary Teaching Hospital (17 years)

Contact: Auli Summerhays
Phone: (970) 491-4634