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Mark Sloniker Lagoon concert canceled

July 10, 2014

Due to last night's storms and more inclement weather predicted for this evening, the Lagoon Concert featuring Mark Sloniker has been canceled.

Mark Sloniker plays jazz at Jay's Bistro in Old Town Fort Collins four nights a week.  [Photo by Mike Barry of Fort Collins Photo Works.]Wednesday, July 16
6:30-8:30 p.m.
Lagoon's west lawn

Next week’s concert with the Wendy Woo Band is still scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on July 23.

Performing with family, friends

What brings thousands of fans each year to the Lagoon Summer Concert Series at Colorado State University? The event takes them back in time to the tradition of summer band concerts on main streets in small town America.

The Mantooth Company and CSU welcome Mark Sloniker for the 5th concert of the 2014 season on Wednesday, July 16. 

"Our group for the Lagoon concert," Sloniker said, "includes (my wife) vocalist, Colleen Crosson, (our son, here from NYC) bassist Myles Sloniker, and (our daughter) vocalist, Emma Sloniker, as well as drummer, Mark Raynes, our long-time friend and fellow musician for many years." 

Jazz selections

"A couple of the instrumental selections we'll play are Myles of Smyles, which I wrote shortly after Myles' birth, and Emma's Waltz, which I wrote at the time of Emma's birth.

"We'll most likely play Miracles (also inspired by our kids) from the CD of the same name, and perhaps Love is a Work of Art from that album as well. Jazz is known for its spontaneity, so we often don't know what we'll play till it happens!"

The Lagoon "an exquisite spot to make music in"

"My favorite instrument," Sloniker said, "is acoustic grand piano by far, but they don't always do so well outdoors and are a bit of a pain to carry around.  

"So I'm grateful for the portability of electronic keyboards and the CSU Lagoon Concert site is one of the most beautiful places I've ever played in outdoors. It's just an exquisite spot to make music in. So I'll gladly settle with a nice keyboard in a very wonderful spot. We are so looking forward to playing at the CSU Lagoon Concert Series next Wednesday. What a joy!"

How it all began: "I was glued to the piano as a child"

Sloniker's grandfather worked for the Baldwin Piano Company, so there was an upright piano in the corner of the family's living room. Every night at bedtime, Sloniker said, his mother would "call the fire fighters over to the house with their 'jaws of life' extraction tool to separate me from the piano and get me to bed."Photo by Mike Barry, Fort Collins Photo Works.

My strict music teacher

Sloniker tells the story of his rather stern trombone teacher, Betty Glover, who was herself an esteemed bass trombonist for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. "Some of her students didn't make it through their first or second lesson," Sloniker said, "but I buckled down and continued with her for three years."

Although he was studying trombone, Sloniker had been playing piano since he was a child, creating his own compositions. One day Sloniker's mother suggested he take his compositions to Glover and play them for her.

"After I finished performing, she slowly put the score down and after a long, long pause, said, 'For three years, I knew there was music in you, but it sure as heck wasn't coming out of the trombone!'"

CSU alumnus

Sloniker is a Colorado State alumnus with a degree in music therapy and has worked extensively using music as a therapeutic tool in achieving/maintaining wellness. He has worked with M.D.s, psychologists, and many practitioners in the healing fields bringing music to many who wish to do healing work in this way.


CSU’s sponsor for the evening is Parking and Transportation Services. Stop by their booth for information about MAX Transit, CSU parking, Bike library and alternative transportation. Don’t forget to register to win other great CSU prizes. Pizza Casbah will be onsite serving pizza, gyros, and snowcones.

The Lagoon Concert Series is owned by Mantooth Company and co-hosted by CSU.

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