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Awards / Honors

Everyday Hero Jeremie Levitt

April 1, 2009

Everyday Hero is a special recognition program sponsored by the Classified Personnel Council for recognizing outstanding employees of the CSU community. This recognition is for CSU state classified, administrative professionals, and faculty members.

Jeremie Levitt
Video Operations Coordinator
MBA Programs
College of Business Production Office


Jeremie Levitt was nominated not just once, but three times, by a staff member and two students. Adam Mader, said Levitt is an Everyday Hero because:

"Jeremie goes above and beyond his call of duty from staying to make sure the work of his employees is done sometimes until 3 a.m.! He is strategic in implementing new ideas and concepts. He always works with us student hourly’s to make sure we have enough help and is very involved boss without micro managing."

Ready to help, keeps his cool

Staff member, Sanghamitra Chatterjee with the GSSE department wrote:

"He is very lively and makes the work place fun, is always ready to help, understands employee's problems and most importantly keeps his cool when everything goes wrong."

The third nomination was from Duke Tomlinson, a student in the Department of Technical Journalism. He said Levitt is an Everyday Hero because:

"He makes sure that the MBA distance program is always good to go come rain or shine. If problems arise, they are always fixed ASAP with his guidance, and he is a wonderful boss to the students who work within the program."

Eight years at CSU

Levitt has been in his present position for the last four years out of the eight years he has been with Colorado State University. He moved to Fort Collins to be closer to his father. He belongs to the Business Development Institute, or BDI, a professional development organization.

Levitt’s hobbies include running, mountain biking, video games, TV, and books. He is looking forward to promoting and expanding his business, as well as, expanding his position and role within the College of Business.

When I asked Levitt how he felt about being nominated by not one but three of his co-workers, he said, “I think this is awesome! I have always enjoyed working with my fellow employees and love every minute we are able to spend together accomplishing a project.”


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