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'What do you mean I'm not a professional?'

April 11, 2013

In this interactive workshop, Cheryl E. Matias, Ph.D., will open a dialogue on the subject of women and motherscholars navigating institutional bias in academic workplaces. Matias and some of her doctoral students will then lead a discussion about professionalism in academic workplaces and encourage participants to share 'counterstories.'

Thursday, April 18
10 a.m.-2 p.m.
North Rockwell
Banquet Room

Join us for an interactive workshop by Cheryl E. Matias, Ph.D., sponsored by the President's Commission on Women and Gender Equity.

The title of Matias' talk is, "'What do you mean I'm not a professional?' A Motherscholar Navigating Institutional Racism, Sexism, and Motherism in the Academic Space." 

Women and tenureship

Although women have reached parity in terms of earning doctoral degrees in certain programs across America, they still have not secured 50 percent of the tenure-lined professorships in the academy. Compounded with race and motherhood, the number becomes less than 5 percent.  

Needed: A supportive infrastructure

Instead of blaming women, moreover motherscholars of color, there needs to be a thorough understanding of the pre-existing condition of race (specifically, the normativity of whiteness) and patriarchy itself to begin collaboratively organizing supportive infrastructure for women, women of color, and motherscholars in the academic space. Matias will explicitly address these points.

Then with her doctoral students (Roberto Montoya, Madhavi Tandon, Shannon Svaldi, and Irda Nalls), they will encourage a dialogue to share "counterstories," and facilitate a collaborative process to reclaim our professionalism in the academy.

Registration and event details

This free workshop is being held in North Rockwell (across the street from Rockwell Hall). The meeting takes place on the first floor of the building. Lunch will be provided. Register here.

Contact: Diana Prieto
Phone: (970) 491-5836