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Awards / Honors

Everyday Hero - Terry Adams

March 9, 2011

Terry Adams was nominated by Sarah Barrett for being a true master juggler and working through chaotic days when most people would throw in the towel.

Terry Adams
General Professional II,
Office Design and Program Specialist,
Facilities Management

“Terry is truly a master juggler," Sarah says. "Terry works on numerous projects across campus simultaneously. Keeping track of what and who goes where and she does it all while still providing excellent customer service. She has been instrumental at helping our staff design, move in and enjoy our new home in the Behavioral Sciences Building.

"On chaotic days when most people would throw in the towel, Terry says she is 'living the dream!' Despite numerous demands our department - and countless others - put on her, she's able to take care of everyone and do it with a smile. She has a heart of service to others and will go out of her way to make sure the customer is happy.

The true meaning of being an Everyday Hero

"The title of the Everyday Hero award is so applicable to Terry because it is not just one day or one event that she helps with, but truly every day that she is someone’s hero - and there have been many days when she's been my hero. I don’t know how she does all the things she does, but I am truly thankful for her.”

Terry’s job varies from day to day as she juggles designing office space, buying furniture, coordinating office moves, and working on space data information. With more than 800 buildings on the CSU campuses, there’s plenty to keep her very busy.The best part of Terry’s job is meeting people - she loves it!

Hobbies - and a tornado

Terry has worked at CSU for almost seven years. Prior to coming to the University, she worked at Hewlett-Packard and Agilent for 25 years.Her hobbies include biking and quilting. She makes her own quilt designs; the quilts “tell stores and are meaningful to me.” She has a Master of Divinity degree and has done ministry work with the Cyrus Foundation, a humanitarian aid ministry, for five years.

Terry moved to Windsor in 1999, and she survived the Windsor tornado! On May 22, 2008, Terry left work after hearing about the tornado to find about a third of her home was gone and the rest structurally damaged so that the whole thing had to be demolished.

After five months of being displaced, Terry returned to a beautiful, new home. Terry’s daughter, Jasmine Hope, currently lives with her. She will soon be moving to Los Angeles to pursue a job in computer animation.

Terry appreciates Sarah nominating her for the Everyday Hero Award. She said she felt embarrassed when hearing of the award. She feels there are so many people at CSU that work hard and don’t get recognized. She is one of many that deserve the award.

Want to recognize a colleague?

Do you have a colleague who deserves recognition, a co-worker who makes the workplace better or someone who just “made your day?”

Everyday Hero is a special recognition program sponsored by the Classified Personnel Council  for recognizing outstanding employees within the CSU community.

All Colorado State University state classified staff, administrative professionals, and faculty members are eligible to receive the award.


Contact: Sarah Barrett
Phone: 491-3716