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Reminder: CSU Compliance Reporting Hotline

May 6, 2011

What is The Hotline?

The Colorado State University Compliance Reporting Hotline was established in August, 2010, to support CSU’s commitments to the campus community of transparency and integrityin all we do.  The University provides the Compliance Reporting Hotline for employees, students, and constituents to report issues, in good faith, known or suspected instances of fraud or fiscal misconduct by University employees; waste or abuse of University resources; violations of law or University policies; research or scientific misconduct; animal welfare concerns; and any other issues of misconduct with respect to University affairs.

When Should it NOT be Used?

The Hotline is not intended to be used to report on academic issues such as tests, grades, or course evaluations, nor should it be used in connection with employment issues such as employee evaluations, disciplinary actions, or performance issues.

The Hotline also isn’t intended for any situation where a person’s life or safety is in danger, such as a crime in progress or other immediate threat. For those matters, always DIAL 911 to reach campus police.

Making reports anonymously

The Compliance Hotline provides a method of reporting misconduct or abuse anonymously. Whether submitting the report online, by phone, or even by mail, the person making the report need not provide identification and contact information. If a report is submitted anonymously, it will follow the same process of investigation and resolution as it would had the reporting person been identified, however, it may be more difficult to investigate without such information, and, of course, the person who made the report won’t be contacted with information about the progress or resolution of the matter. It’s up to the individual whether to submit contact information, or not. (Note: due to systems such as Caller ID and IT security processes, it may be technically possible to identify a caller or email sender; however, the administrators responsible for receiving, reviewing and resolving Hotline reports will not review or use any such information in their investigation unless the circumstances are such that failing to do so would, in itself, create or permit a serious threat of harm).

How to use the Hotline

There are three ways to access the Compliance Reporting Hotline:

Internal Auditing Department
Attn: Reporting Hotline
Colorado State University
301 Johnson Hall
Campus Delivery 0019
Fort Collins, CO 80523


If you have any questions about the CSU Compliance Reporting Hotline, visit the website or call the Office of Policy & Compliance at 970-491-5257.