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Grad students perfecting meal replacement

November 18, 2010

Some very hungry and sleep-deprived CSU graduate students are still brainstorming for the perfect finals meal replacement. The Cafe Crunch bar offers a double shot of energy with caffeine and sugar.

Double shot of energy

Cafe Crunch is the brainchild of grad students in the Fall 2010 Food Product Development class in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition.

Cafe Crunch is an alternative to hot beverages. No spills = No litigation.

Cafe Crunch is a chocolate and fudge bar that has premium roast espresso beans surrounded by fudge, topped with a rich nougat layer and formed into a bar and coated with a melt-in-your mouth chocolate layer.

Comes in three sizes

  • Grande (Hungry size)
  • Due (2 oz.)
  • Short (bite size)

Equivalency rate for amount of caffeine in terms of espresso shots would be 1 espresso shot (100 mg) for a 2 oz. bar.

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