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Electronic billing and new CSU payment due date

May 5, 2010

In support of the University's Go Green and cost-saving initiatives, CSU is implementing electronic billing and one payment due date for each semester.

Electronic billilng and changes to payment due date coming starting Fall 2010

Electronic Billing (e-billing) – Beginning with the Fall 2010 University Billing Statement, e-mail notifications will be sent to students at their address when their monthly billing statements are ready to view on RAMweb.

Students will have the ability to set up additional e-mail addresses if they would like parents or other interested parties to receive the same notification and view their statements online. Students will create these e-billing addresses during registration and they can maintain them on RAMweb.

Payment Due Date – Beginning Fall 2010, tuition, fees, residence hall charges, health insurance, and other institutional charges will be billed in August and due on Sept. 10. Anything billed on a subsequent statement will be due on the 10th of the following month.

Later Payment Due Date –Generating the fall University Billing Statements in August will allow financial aid to appear on the first statement of the semester. The same is true of the first spring University Billing Statement. It will now be generated in January, instead of December, with a due date in February. This change will also allow families to start paying the university bill one month later and provide a clear presentation of educational expenses on their 1098-T tax forms.

For more information, please contact Student Financial Services in Centennial Hall or call (970) 491-6321.

Contact: Student Financial Services/Christie Leighton
Phone: (970) 491-6321